Tahari HOME Entertaining

developed for TJX CO. - TAHARI

Scope of Work:

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design

Brand Positioning: Tahari has come to characterize modern sophistication and young luxury with his inspired collections of understated grace and elegance. Elie Tahari’s designs continue to revel in the opulent fabrics, subtle textures and unforgettable details that have come to define the revered brand.

Challenge: Snakebite, Inc. was hired to expand this brand experience into dining ware, serving ware and entertaining ware, all targeted to launch during the holiday season.

Solution: Through innovative packaging, print methods, and choice materials, Snakebite produced concepts that evoked elegance and exquisite grace. Gold accents, metallic inks, satin ribbons and textural graphics define this holiday collection as a true reflection of the Tahari brand.

  • Client - TJX CO. - TAHARI