The only girl in a family of five boys, Rosemarie started taking charge at a very young age and she’s never stopped. A true planner at heart, everything she touches is approached with keen insight, a strategic eye and a clearly defined plan. With 16 years at 8 different agencies under her belt, her list of clients speaks for itself. Rosemarie prides herself on strong connections and meaningful relationships with both her clients and the brands she brings to life. Passion and dedication shine through all of Rosemarie’s accomplishments, including her most recent work; her three precious children.

  • Hidden talent? - I can whip my house into shape in under 10 minutes. Never, ever open a closet when you come over.
  • Proudest accomplishment? - My three children: Lucia, Thomas, and Harrison.
  • I crave... - The sun on my face & the sand in my toes.
  • Ideal Sunday? Ideal sundae? - Sunday: Scrunched up with my family. Sundae: Shared with my family.
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